The impetus behind introducing the Bermuda to the Bahamas and the Caribbean is to offer a time tested and proven roof product that has previously only been available in Bermuda. A Bermuda Roof is not only architecturally beautiful, it is structurally sound, a fact that has been proven over time. 

In addition to the above, the Bahamas and many Caribbean countries rely on a public utility for the provision of household water supply and as more and more homes are built due to ever expanding economies, a strain is placed on the public water supply systems. One important aspect of the Bermuda Roof is its use in rain water catchment. In Bermuda there is no natural water supply, nor is there a Government water supply system, each house is self-reliant for water. The water falling from rain is directed from the roof to large water tanks (cisterns) which are built under the house during construction and water pumps are used to supply the water to the house. Pictured below is typical detail of the drainage channels (gutter stone) applied to the roof during construction. We believe that as the Bahamas and the Caribbean experience significant rain fall during “rainy seasons” the use of our roof product and the introduction of individual household water tanks, much of the strain on the public water supply system can be alleviated and to a large degree private dwellings will only need to access Government water supply systems during power outages.

We also hope that the availability of the Bermuda Roof in the region provides some hope of containing rising property insurance premiums as hurricane activity intensifies. Building methods in the Bahamas and the Caribbean tend to be of a superior nature (concrete reinforced with steel) yet the roofs generally used do not match the superior construction of the walls. Insurers in the region are more concerned with the roof than they are with the strength of the structure because the roof tends to be the weakest element of a concrete building and roof damage can lead to increased insured losses. This concern is reflected in lower premium rates being offered for structures using “superior” roof construction.

By using our EPS Bermuda Profile Roof product you will have a roof that has proven itself through hurricane conditions; you can be assured that it will last for many generations and when severe weather is imminent you can feel secure in having a roof that has proven itself in such conditions over many years.

The strength of the roof comes from the fact that instead of using plywood as a substrate and mechanically fastening the roof covering, we use a structural fiber cement board and the roof covering is adhered to it using a purpose made adhesive.

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