We believe that our Warranty periods are unique to the Bahamas and Caribbean markets; we can offer our Warranties with confidence because our products are tried, tested and proven and we believe them to be far superior to any competing or similar products.

We offer an initial warranty period of 5 years against defects, including leaks, cracks and delamination of the coatings forof our roofing systems. At the expiry of this initial 5 year period, provided all terms and conditions have been met the warranty can be renewed for a further 5 years. 

For our EPS Bermuda Profile Roof the 5 year period can be renewed 3 times, which provides an effective warranty period of 20 years

Additionally the warranty, unlike most others, is transferable to the new building owner in the event the ownership of the building changes. 

The stipulations for us issuing a warranty are very simple: 

  1. ALL products must be purchased from us, 
  2. Installation must have been performed by us or by persons trained and approved by us, 
  3. Maintenance requirements as laid out in the Warranty Certificate MUST be performed at the suggested times, 
  4. ALL maintenance must be performed by us or by persons trained and approved by us 



Note the soft lines and sculpted look of the roof. This is what makes a
Bermuda Roof unique and beautiful.