Collecting Rain Water for Self Sufficiency

There is an ongoing globaleffort of conservation, the Bermuda Roof has always been about conservation, albeit out of sheer necessity. For nearly 400 years the Bermuda Roof has been used for the catchment and harvesting of rain water. Bermuda has no lakes or rivers, therefore a solution for fresh water had to be found…….this solution was the Bermuda Roof and ensuring that each building have its own potable water holding tank. Initially these were built above ground right next to the structure, as time went on they were built under the floor of the structure.

Although there is very little science behind it the Bermuda Roof is a marvel in that it is essentially perfectly designed for the catchment of rainwater and directing that rain water to the cistern or water tank below the structure. The image below shows the rain water glides that redirect the rain water as it falls on the roof.


The amazing thing is that each step in the roof acts to slowdown the water running off the roof so that it does not overflow the gutters. This has to do with the steps and the length of run between each step. 

To ensure the water remains as pure as possible going from the roof into the tank, when the roofs areused for the water catchment, we will coat the roof with an NSF Approved Potable Water Elastomeric Paint.