A Bermuda Roof is not only architecturally beautiful, it is structurally sound, a fact that has been proven over time.



Turks & Caicos - Waite Residence

Waite Residence, Leeward, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands. Traditional Bermuda Roof installation.

Turks & Caicos - Shaw Residence

Shaw Residence, Turtle Ridge, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands - Traditional Bermuda Roof installation.

Balmoral Club - Nassau, Bahamas

The Balmoral Development, Nassau, Bahamas - EPS Bermuda Roof installations - These roofs were done through our joint venture with Bahamas Foam Products & Coatings Ltd



Innovative Building Systems (Bahamas) Ltd. is a Bahamas based, incorporated construction and construction material supply company, the principal owner and founder, however, was born and raised in Bermuda and takes great pride in the longstanding history and the proven and unmatched performance of the Bermuda Roof.

We are proud to a offer a superior Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Bermuda Profile Roof under the trade name Bermuda Roof. This product is offered under a joint-venture agreement with Bahamas Foam Products and Coatings Ltd., with whom we have had a long-standing relationship. 

The Bahamas and the Caribbean regions are prone to hurricane strikes and we, very strongly, believe that the roof product we offer is the best roof product to use in building structures that can be classified as hurricane resistant. 

We further believe that many will agree that the Bermuda Roof adds character and beauty to any structure.

"We are the only source for a Bermuda Roof. We recognize that there are other companies claiming to offer Bermuda Roof products but we are the ONLY company that offers roof products developed in the Bermuda market and ONLY our products have Bermuda Department of Planning Approval, making them True Bermuda Roof Products."